Everything You Need To Know About Electric Griddles

If you love having people at home over the weekend for brunch, you’re bound to love this electrical appliance. Electric griddles have become increasingly popular as more and more folks are recognizing its immense benefits and ease of use.

However, with so many options to choose from, selecting the best electric griddle can become a challenging task. Rest assured, this handy guide will provide you all the information you need to know about this appliance.

know about this appliance.

What Is An Electric Griddle

An electric griddle is a convenient kitchen appliance you can set on the countertop to cook a variety of delicious foods ranging from eggs to burgers and sandwiches. Griddles have gotten increasingly popular over the years because of their ease of use. Additionally, you can use a griddle for cooking food for multiple people, which would not be possible with a frying pan.


What Is An Electric Griddle Used For

Aside from eggs and pancakes, there are plenty of stuff you can prepare with an electric griddle. Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your electric griddle:

  • Crab Cakes: One of the biggest challenges people face while making crab cakes is that the tray won’t stay warm if you are making multiple batches in the oven. Using an electric griddle offers users plenty of space so that they can prepare multiple crab cakes at the same. This way, you won’t have to worry about your dinner getting cold or dry before you serve it.
  • Homemade Tortillas: Making corn tortillas at home becomes much easier if you have an electric griddle at your disposal. The wide, even cooking surface makes it possible for folks to cook plenty of tortillas at the same time, which makes it impossible for people to go back to store-bought versions.
  • Grilled Cheese: Are you craving for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich? Perhaps you should consider making it with an electric griddle. A griddle offers an even cooking surface, ensuring your sandwich does not become soggy and cooks to perfection. What’s best is that you can prepare as many sandwiches as you want thanks to the wide cooking surface.


Benefits Of Using An Electric Griddle

There are plenty of reasons why one should invest in an electric griddle. The most popular reasons are:

Completely Flat Surface

The completely flat surface allows users to prepare foods such as pancakes and eggs to perfection. It also results in even cooking which might not have been possible on other surfaces. The even surface doesn’t have any edges. This feature makes it easier for folks to maneuver a spatula for flipping food.

Even Heating

While a stove may have some cool spots between the stove grate and griddles, an electric griddle offers even heating. This feature allows folks to cook their favorite foods to perfection.

Cooking Larger Amounts Of Foods

If you enjoy having the entire family over for Sunday brunches, an electric griddle can become your most favorite appliances in the kitchen. Thanks to the griddle you can cook pancakes, bacon, and eggs all at once while the toaster toasts the bread, which ensures that all your food has been cooked on time, meaning that everything is piping hot and ready to serve.

Opens Up The Stovetop

What’s best is that you can plug in the electric griddle on the countertop, which frees up the stove for cooking other food items. This feature becomes a blessing if you are preparing a Thanksgiving meal and need to warm up some extra side dishes for your guests.

Healthier Cooking

Thanks to the nonstick surface, you don’t have to use additional grease, which results in healthy cooking. If you’re cooking meat, you’ll be pleased to know that most griddles have a grill insert, this ensures all the meat drippings drain before the cooking begins.

Healthy Cooking With Electric Griddle.

Easy Cleanup

Cooking a meal for a large number of people can be a real joy, however, cleaning up afterward can be a real chore. Electric griddles make clean up easy since you don’t have to worry about scrubbing the cooking surface.

The non-stick surface keeps food from sticking. Not to mention, you can submerge some electric griddles in water. Simply soak the griddle and wipe off the surface with a clean cloth.

Difference Between An Electric Griddle And An Electric Skillet

Whether you are whipping up breakfast or need a quick fix for dinner, an electric skillet or griddle is bound to make the process much easier. Rather than running around the kitchen, making a mess at the sink, an electric griddle is an easy-to-use cooking appliance, which allows folks to prepare their favorite meals without creating a mess in the kitchen.

While both electric griddle and skillets offer their own set of benefits to the cook, there are many key differences you must consider. The subtle differences in the cooking surface make it easier for folks to prepare certain kinds of foods. To help you learn the differences, we have prepared a short guide so that you can invest in a product according to your food preferences:

Electric Griddle

An electric griddle is a flat cooking surface that you can use for cooking a variety of foods. People prefer to use griddles over stovetops because of its flat surface that offers even heating.

Additionally, griddles usually have a greater surface idea compared to ordinary frying pans, which makes it perfect for making scrambled eggs, pancakes and other kinds of breakfast foods. Invest in an electric griddle with a large surface area if you will be cooking for your friends and family.

What’s best is that most electric griddles feature a non-stick surface that is resistant to scratches, which prevents food from sticking to each other.

Electric Skillet

An electric skillet is quite similar to an electric griddle which means you can rest it on top of the counter and plug it into a socket. However, unlike a griddle, a skillet also comes with small walls along with a cover, which changes the way you use the appliance.

Additionally, the walls prevent food from falling, containing it on the cooking surface, which makes it easier for cooks to mix and stir the ingredients. An added benefit is that you can use a skillet for cooking liquids, this isn’t possible with an electric griddle since the edges are open.

Using an electric skillet is an excellent choice for folks who have to cook a large dinner for people and want to save the stove.

Type Of Griddles

With all the different kinds of griddles in the market, users can choose from an array of different types and designs. Most griddles are constructed using stainless steel along and aluminum while some models may also feature plastic materials.

Additionally, some griddles also feature dual controls: this ensures that one side remains warm while the other is not in use. Since you need to transport the griddle from place to place, we recommend you use aluminum and other light materials to get the task done. The main types of griddle include:

Electric Griddle

An electric griddle is a kitchen appliance that you can plug in and has a smooth, nonstick cooking surface with a steady heat. You can set the temperature control according to your needs and requirements. Electric griddles are convenient and quite portable to use, making them great for cooking eggs, hamburgers, grilled cheese and much more.

Gas Griddle

People use gas griddles for commercial purposes. Because of the need for fuel, most people prefer using electric griddles because of its added convenience. However, if you are a professional and crave for the authentic, smoky taste of bacon, a gas powered machine may be the best option for you.

Electric Griddle/Grill Combo

For added convenience, some griddles come with a grill side or insert which is great for cooking a variety of different kinds of meat. This type of appliance is convenient to use since all the grease drips off away from the meat while it is cooking. You can also use some sections of the griddle as a contact grill.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing An Electric Griddle

Are you in search of the perfect electric griddle? Before investing, here are a couple of factors you should consider:


When investing in an electric grill, you can choose from many different sizes in the market. While some girdles are small-sized and are best suited for a small gathering, others are designed to accommodate more people. Consider how many people you are preparing a meal for before you select a griddle.

If you have a larger family, we suggest you opt for a larger design or else you will end up cooking in stages. However, larger girdles will take up more room so ensure you have plenty of storage space.

Grill Inserts

Some electric griddles offer grill inserts. One side is typically flat while the other side has a grill surface. The grill insert makes it possible for folks to cook a variety of dishes according to their comfort. Not to mention, it also makes it easier for folks to drain fat away from the food.

Surface Coatings

Most electric griddles feature a nonstick surface. This feature makes it easier for folks to cook breakfast items such as eggs and pancakes. The nonstick surface also keeps food from sticking to each other.

This feature comes in handy while cooking certain types of foods, such as grilled cheese. Some griddles may not have a non-stick surface hence, ensure you have bought one with a non-stick surface.

Heat Controls

Opt for an electric griddle that offers plenty of control over heat ranging from low, medium and high. Having an extensive temperature range is a great choice if you are planning on cooking a variety of foods. You need to cook some foods at a higher temperature compared to others.

Dual Thermostats

While most griddles come with a single thermostat, some models offer dual control, which allows folks to split up the cooking time on each side for better results. If you’re only cooking for yourself, simply heat up only one side of the griddle.

Top Manufacturers When Using The Electric Griddle

Here are some of the top brands you should consider investing in:

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach offers a variety of different electrical skillets in the market, which makes it easier for users to prepare quick dinners, lunches, and breakfasts. The skillets typically feature a non-stick appliance that is excellent for cooking pancakes and other foods that require even heating.

Hamilton Beach is one of the most reputable brands in the market and is known for its excellent non-stick cooking components. Thanks to the electric griddle, you can make a satisfying meal without using multiple pots and pans.


Cuisinart is another reputable brand that is known for manufacturing a wide range of electric appliances ranging from juicers to food processors and griddles. The brand is very particular about customer satisfaction and offers a great warranty for each of its products.

Cuisinart Griddles are among the best in town which is why you should not hesitate in investing in the brand.

Broil King

Broil King offers sturdy griddles with extra-large surfaces, which provides users plenty of space to prepare their favorite foods without any inconveniences. Whether you are making breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Broil King griddle is all you will need. The brand is also famous for manufacturing other electric appliances related to grilling.


Oster is a brand that believes in selling high-quality products at an affordable price. Oster griddles are known for its outstanding quality. They offer a wide selection of griddles so you can conveniently select one according to your personal preference. Oster also offers many accessories that are bound to enhance your cooking experience.

Cleaning Tips: How To Clean An Electric Griddle

Just like any other appliance, you have to clean and maintain an electric griddle from time to time. Rest assured, if you do this frequently, cleaning an electric griddle won’t be much of a hassle. In this section, we will discuss how you can keep the electric griddle clean:

Everything You’ll Need

Here is a list of items you will need for cleaning the griddle:

  • Paper towels
  • Water
  • Flat-edged spatula
  • Dish soap (we only suggest you use dish soap if the griddle has incredibly stubborn stains)

The griddle must be cool enough to work with and shouldn’t be too hot. Make sure the food particles and the grease are not hard or else you’ll find it much harder to clean the surface.

Follow These Steps To Clean The Scapula

  •  Consider using a flat spatula to scrape off the oil and grease. Ensure the spatula is flat on the cooking surface or else you can end up scratching the material. Scrape the spatula back and forth. Sweep all the crumbs off the surface so that it falls on the catch tray at the end.
  •  Pour water over the surface. Consider using a little amount of dish soap if necessary.
  •  Allow the water to loosen up the grease.
  •  Use a paper towel to wipe away the grease. You can use the metal spatula to scrape the surface. However, be sure not to apply too much pressure.
  •  Remove the grill inserts (if any) and the catch tray. Wash both the trays at the sink.
  •  If done right, cleaning the electric griddle will only take less than 2 minutes. It’s best you clean the griddle after each use so that grease does not build up.


Safety Tips When Using An Electric Griddle

Similar to using any other kind of electric appliance, it is essential you pay attention to safety. The following are a few safety tips you should keep in mind:

Read The Instructions Carefully

Like most users, you may be compelled to skip the instructions, which is not a wise decision. Skim through the owner manual to ensure you don’t cause damage to yourself and the appliance.

Don’t Touch The Cooking Surface

It is a bad idea to touch the cooking surface to determine how hot it is even if you set the temperature to low. Use the knobs to control the temperature to your liking and use oven mitts to protect your hands.

Stay Away From Liquids

To protect yourself against electric shock, don’t submerge the griddle in water or any other kind of liquid. It is an electrical appliance after all. Not doing so can result in electric shocks and other painful consequences.

Keep Away From Children

Electric griddles feature a large cooking surface which makes it potentially dangerous for children. Close supervision is vital if you’ll be using the griddle in the kitchen with your kids or for a family gathering.

Unplug The Outlet When Not In Use

Whether you plan on cleaning the griddle or are waiting for it to cool down after using the appliance, don’t forget to unplug it from the outlet. Also, don’t forget to wait before separating the parts and cleaning the appliance.

Don’t Operate If There Is A Faulty Wire

If there is a faulty wire, don’t operate the plug and switch off the appliance immediately. A damaged cord can lead to an appliance malfunction. Consider calling customer service if you think the matter is reparable. However, don’t try experimenting with the griddle on your own.

Here Are Some Additional Safety Tips You Should Keep In Mind

  • Ensure the griddle has been set up on a dry, heat resistant surface so that it does not burn. Additionally, ensure the surface is sturdy and not soft. Or else the griddle can topple down and fall.
  • Ensure the drip tray has been secured into its place so that it collects all the fat residue. Grease from animal fat can result in nasty burns. Ensure you don’t forget the fix the drip tray in place so that it does the job well.
  • ​Never plug in the griddle using wet hands. Use dry hands to plug the griddle in the power cord and then on the wall outlet.
  • If you’re using a griddle that has variable heat settings, ensure you have read the charts. You will find a heating chart inside the user manual. Allow the griddle to preheat before using it.
  • Do not leave the food unattended when it is cooking and stay nearby
  • Once you have removed the cooked food from the appliance, remember to unplug the griddle from the wall socket first. It’s best you allow the griddle to cool down for a couple of minutes. Don’t try to pull the cord as it can lead to potential shocks.
  • Always use wooden and plastic spoons and spatulas on the griddle. Using metal utensils is a bad idea as it can scratch the non-stick surface.
  • Remember, you can only use the griddle for heating up food. Don’t use it to set or warm up bowls, pots, and pans. Only use the griddle for necessary tasks so that it does not wear out.
  • Ensure the power cord has not damaged and is in good shape.
  • ​Before discarding the drip tray, wait for it to cool down first. Hot grease can lead to permanent scarring so always be careful.
  • Supervise your kids when they are around the electric griddle. In most cases, it’s best you lure them away from the kitchen.



For more details about electric griddles, check out her handy buyer’s guide. You won’t regret it. Good luck!


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